Short Interview
Short Interview with Dr.Samaram
1. Who are your role models?
My Father and my Mother
The Great Social Reformers, Atheists, Humanists and Freedom Fighters.

2. Who are your Great Friends?
My Daughters Jagathi and Rajatha

3. Who are the Great Advisors?
My Wife Rashmi

4. Whom do you like much?
Dr N Appa Rao

National Co-ordinator, IMA
Chairman, IMA National Leadership Forum

A very soft spoken, very much concerned to every member of the organisation. In every scheme and activity of IMA reflects human touch.

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan IAS
Pioneer in new politics bringing real peoples politics and marching towards justice, equality and freedom

Anna Hazare
Real Gandhian taking lead to make India corruption free and every Indian to feel proud to be an Indian.

Chennupati Vidya Ex-MP
My sister Ch Vidya working for women empowerment and pure politics and extending care to orphan children